Arline Bronzaft’s vision for a sociable city

Photo credit: Pixabay

by Daniel Fink, MD, Chair, The Quiet Coalition

I just listened to a wonderful Sociable City interview on urban noise with my colleague and friend Arline Bronzaft. Arline’s interview is titled: “Bringing Logical Solutions to Sound Conflicts in Nightlife.” Sociable City is maintained by the Responsible Hospitality Institute, a nonprofit organization that helps communities create diverse, welcoming social venues and districts where people can connect and lead more enriching lives.

Arline’s interview is a delightful half hour of wisdom. She discusses her decades of experience dealing with noise issues, building on her pioneering research showing that noise from an elevated rail line interfered with children’s learning. Perhaps the most important idea she shares is that if people show respect for each other and recognize that noise might bother others, the world would be a quieter and better place for all. 

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