Quieter FedEx delivery trucks are here

Photo by Dr. Daniel Fink

by Daniel Fink, MD, Chair, The Quiet Coalition

I was doing some yard work when a FedEx truck pulled up to a neighbor’s house. Unlike most FedEx trucks, with too-noisy diesel engines, this one was quiet. I went over to take a look and couldn’t find the brand, but it was labeled Electric Vehicle and there was a logo I had never seen before on the grille.

I waited until the driver returned to her truck and asked, “What brand truck is this?” “BrightDrop,” she answered.

I had never heard of BrightDrop. It’s an all-electric delivery truck manufactured by General Motors. BrightDrop trucks are specifically designed for delivery. Much less noise, no air pollution from the truck themselves.

According to online information, FedEx has ordered 500 trucks. That number may be out of date.

I hope FedEx, UPS, and Amazon order lots of electric delivery vehicles, to make the air both quieter and cleaner. And I hope one drives on your street instead of the noisy diesel-powered delivery trucks.

Because a cleaner and quieter world will be a better place for all.

NOTE: The Quiet Coalition does not endorse products or services. It has no relationships, commercial or otherwise, with any manufacturer or service provider. Mention of BrightDrop and FedEx are for information purposes only.


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