Neighbors: limit use of noisy garden equipment

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by Arline L. Bronzaft, Ph.D., Board of Directors, GrowNYC, Co-founder, The Quiet Coalition, and Honorary Chair, Quiet American Skies

In this Homes and Gardens article, writer Alex David informs readers that garden power equipment can be noisy and this noise can upset neighbors. He goes on to say that noise can be a serious nuisance. I think our blog readers would add that noise is more than a nuisance; it can be a hazard to our health and well-being. Thankfully, as David notes, noise ordinances across the country aim to set reasonable noise levels for power tools. He describes how certain cities and states set decibel level limits and designated time limits for power and garden equipment.

David says that homeowners’ associations can place limits on how equipment can be used in the HOA. If these “house rules” are not followed, HOAs can impose fines. Recognizing that there are ordinances and rules being placed on how loud one’s lawnmowers can be, David suggests that people consider using electric rather than gas lawnmowers.  

David says that people should be aware of the noise ordinances in their towns, and recognize that sticking to suggested times to use their equipment is a matter of consideration for others. I was pleased to read this comment about being considerate of others. The author stresses this point by letting us know that when he was young, his mother did not believe noisy activities should occur outdoors before 10 a.m. This included refraining from yard work, but also running around or playing basketball. This is a good reminder that reducing noise in your community is also a sign of greater civility.

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