An interview with leading noise control advocate Arline Bronzaft, PhD

Photo courtesy of Dr. Arline Bronzaft

The March issue of Principia-Scientific includes this interview with one of the most notable and articulate icons in the field of noise control, Arline Bronzaft PhD. Dr. Bronzaft, a founding member of The Quiet Coalition, has been waging war on noise—particularly its impact on kids in schools—for four decades. She has also served on Board of GrowNYC for three decades, having been appointed to this non-paid position by five New York City Mayors, and directs its noise activities

For more about Dr. Bronzaft, check out her video statement about International Noise Awareness Day and her interview in the NY Times.

And if you learn that she has been invited to speak in a city near you, do NOT miss the opportunity to hear her in person!

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