Helicopter manufacturer aims to keep noise down

Jan 19, 2018 | Aviation Noise, Blog, Design

inside the cabin.  Mary Grady, The Robb Report, writes:

A helicopter solves the problem of many travelers—how to avoid traffic in a crowded city center and get directly to your destination, or to your private jet or yacht, as efficiently as possible. But they’re noisy inside, and passengers often wear headsets for the duration of the trip, to ease communication in the cabin. Mecaer Aviation Group says it has solved that problem, with its sound-reducing technology called SILENS (Sound Intensity Level Enhanced Noise System), which reduces the noise in the cabin to the point where travelers can ditch their headsets.

No doubt people who insist on traveling by helicopter are thrilled.

So what does the article say about Mecaer’s efforts to reduce exterior noise?

Nothing.  The rest of the world, apparently, does not matter.

Originally posted at Silencity.com.

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