All fireworks should be low or no noise

Photo credit: Ali Müftüoğulları from Pexels

by Jan L. Mayes, MSc, Audiologist, Member, The Quiet Coalition

If only all fireworks were low noise or quiet. It’s that time of year when noisy fireworks are set off in my residential neighborhood.

I’ve been left with ear pain and ringing, while my dogs and cat are terrified by the random blasts. It’s worse for people with PTSD, especially those who have escaped war zones.

Fireworks are illegal in my neck of the woods outside of planned shows. Somehow people still buy and explode them, including kids and teens. Requirements for low noise or quiet fireworks would help.

I hope one day soon that noisy fireworks will be as socially and legally unacceptable as drinking and driving or smoking in restaurants.

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